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Playing at Espacejeux Poker

Espacejeux poker, just from looking at its name, is one of many prestigious poker sites there is in the world today - guaranteeing that it will serve its players with nothing but the safest, most entertaining and most trustworthy gaming menu from the methods of money transfer to the gaming experience itself up to the moment that a player leaves the online poker room.

This one-of-a-kind web-based gambling establishment runs under the control of the International Canadian Network - making it fall under one of the few government-regulated online poker sites of today. It is also powered by a known software platform, Boss Media Software, ensuring that you will be able to experience the best games within the best environment possible - giving you full luxurious, exciting and enjoyable atmosphere that you wouldn't want to miss.

Other than variations of the online poker, espacejeux poker also serves a wide variety of choices of table games, casino games and other games of Java EZ, making it worthy to try each and gain yourself a chance to win various jackpot prizes they offer. Unfortunately, the site has absence of bonuses that is surely a let-down for some players. But, to cover this shortcoming, the site introduces a unique program which let a player earn experience points through playing while those points earned maybe withdrawn as cash amounting up to $300 per month. This may not fall under the bonus category, but this system is more than enough to keep you playing as experience points ensure that you'll have 30% payback as you play.

The site also gives its players a chance to take part in prestigious and renowned events for the game located in North America. They also have a segment called 'Super Satellite Sunday' which ensures seats for prestigious events like the WSOP if you want to watch it. They also hold epic and entertaining tournaments as well as hold some free rolls that will surely be fun to be part of, not to mention you'll be able to earn more cash for your pocket. Here, you'll be guaranteed with safe transactions along with vast choices of games and opportunities to earn more through various tournaments and free rools they hold - making it one of the best place for you to visit via the power of internet even with the shortcomings it has.