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888 Poker Review

Having the chance to play with tons of players is definitely more exciting than being able to play with only a few, hence 'The More, The Merrier'. This inevitably true even with waging games, and if you're a fan of online poker, you'll definitely be bent to wanting to play with more sets of players, but looking for the right one would definitely be tough. Fortunately, 888 definitely fits the description you're seeking for. If you have doubts right now, this 888 Poker Review will help you set your mind at ease and inform you of the perks and greatness that 888 will let you revel on.

Out of all the online poker rooms out there, 888 ranks as third in line of being the largest across the globe. It is so large that it houses to thousands of players each day - more specifically, over 3,000 players when it reaches peak hours, while a still astonishing amount of 2,000 players during regular hours. The software of the site is also nothing to laugh out about as it is ensured to be of high quality and stable - bringing you a smooth and optimum gameplay experience. Extra features are also handed out to you from the site like the ability to mark your favorite place or seat, restriction of chats if you want to focus on playing, tables with limited pot and many more.

Originally, 888 is known as Pacific Poker, and from then on, it has transformed on its name today, trying to expand its territories to enter the market of US. Unfortunately, its main page still doesn't allow players from the US, but the company which holds it runs the All American Network for Poker.

The site also has a wide variety of choices for your games with Pot Limit Omaha Texas Hold'em with No Limit, being the most known of all. There are tons of actions waiting for you in the site and tournaments which they hold every day, giving you chances to win more cash. There're also lucrative bonuses lining up for you in the site like initial deposit match-up bonuses, rake backs and many more. Not to mention, they also have a prestigious VIP Program which will guarantee you more perks and bonuses to enjoy. 888 Poker Room, is one of the most entertained today, and being the third largest, you definitely won't be failed to be entertained.